Summary of Services

Dr. Leo W. Pickett is an accomplished Classical Singer & Vocal Trainer/Coach.
He has performed at countless major events and assisted numerous other Vocal Artists on Stage, Recording Studios and Vocal Coaching Studios.
The following is a brief list of his Vocal Training/Coaching Services:
      - The Art of Singing: The Experience: Emotional, Audible & Visual
       -  Ministry and Music
       -  Warm-Up Excercises
       -  Posture and Body Language
       -  Breathing
       -  Vocal Air Techniques and Effects
       -  Frequency Response "The Physics of Sound and Sound Waves
       -  The Decibel, Sound Level and Related Items: "Loudness versus Presence"
       - Dynamic Range
       -  Listening and Matching
       -  Transients
       -  Staccato and Legato
       - Background Vocals versus Lead Vocals: BGVs versus LVs
       -  Beginning and Ending(Cutoffs) Points for BGVs
       -  Recording Vocals and Stacking (Chorusing)
       -  Vocal Tone: warm and not thin/nasal
       -  Vocal Envelope: Mouth Posture and Movement
       -  Vibrato Patterns
       -  Microphones, Types, Polar Patterns, Techniques, Proximity, "Off/On Axis"
      -  Pitch: Measurement and Control
       -  Vocal Falls
       -  Vocal Scales: Major/Minor/Chromatic/The Octaves
       -  Vocal Runs
       -  Vocal Care and Treatment
       -  Vocal Muscles: Relaxed and Tense
       -  Vocal Aids: Water, Lubricants
       -  Vocal (Tips and Techniques)
       -  "Bigger Than Life" Singing
       -  The Art of Mixing Your Vocal